Bulk Pool Water Delivery

You're proud of your new pool, and probably just spent a lot of money and time putting it up. Now the last thing to do is fill it up! These are your options.

Option 1: Run you hose over to the pool

The trouble with this option is either it will take days to fill, but you also run the risk of running your well dry or racking up a big water bill from the town.

Option 2: Call the fire department, some time they will fill pools for a donation.

The trouble with this option is their water usually comes from a pond or rusty fire hydrant that pulls from a dirty main line. You really don’t want pond water or debris in your pool.

Option 3: Call the cheapest pool water guy you can find.

The trouble with this option is you usually get what you pay for.

Option 4: Call HENSHAW FARMS!

HENSHAW FARMS delivers only clean, chlorine-free water from our wells straight to your pool. If chlorine or any other chemistry is needed it can be added when we are unloading.

In an effort not to damage lawns or driveways we generally unload and pump from the street in front of your house, we can easily pump 600 feet from the road.

For smaller loads such as for hot tubs or spas we use a smaller truck that is safe for most driveways and lawns.

Pool Water Pricing

We service greater western Massachusetts, and most pool water can be delivered for $135 per hour. Please call for detailed pricing.