Emergency Bulk Drinking Water

HENSHAW FARMS is one of only a handful of companies recognized by the Mass. D.E.P. to provide emergency bulk drinking (potable) water to public water supply systems including schools, nursing homes, restaurants, fairs, and other events.

The Henshaw families are also Massachusetts licensed well drillers with over FIFTY years in the ground water business. Providing safe, reliable water is nothing new to us!

Private Homes, Businesses and Farms

Whether the water level in your well has gone down, or you have had a water main break, HENSHAW FARMS can set up temporary water measures with a storage tank and booster pump to keep you going until repairs can be made to your water system. Whether it is a few days, weeks, or even a few months, we have a system for you.

Public Water Supply Systems (PWS)

We are licensed to provide bulk water to public water supplies including Schools, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Day Cares, Apartment Buildings, Fairs, and more.

HENSHAW FARMS can deliver 7,000 gallons per load of certified bulk water in our stainless-steel food grade tankers.

Some projects may only require unloading into the customers tank (such as if a tank inspection had been done) while others will require outfitting the tanker truck with booster pumps to feed the system with pressurized water. Our tank trailers are equipped with heated floors that allow us to carry out wintertime operations that other companies cannot! We all know how difficult New England winters can be, and water needs do not stop with seasonal changes. We are here to meet your needs throughout the year.

If your system does not already have feed ports to accept pressurized emergency water, we can design a system for you. We can also handle any filtration or chlorine injection that may be deemed necessary by the D.E.P. or your water system operator.