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Bulk Water Delivery

For the past decade, Henshaw Farms has been supplying crystal clear, drinkable bulk water from our deep rock wells located on our farm in Chesterfield, MA.


What makes Henshaw Farms different?

Henshaw Farms bulk water comes from our own wells. We keep them maintained to the highest drinking water standards, ensuring safe clean water is always available. This means that the water we provide to you is always fresh and chlorine free. If chlorine or any other chemistry/treatment is needed, it can be added when we unload it at your site.

Our tanker trucks and trailers are cleaned on a regular basis and are either NSF rated or constructed of food grade stainless steel.

For some projects our water may be better than it needs to be but isn’t it nice to know you could even drink our pool water if you wanted. Not everyone can say that!

Most of our competitors either get their water from a pond or town water supply such as a fire hydrant. Our water is pure well water from our farm without chlorine, while City water is loaded with chlorine and often other treatments.

Henshaw Farms is one of only a handful of companies recognized by the Mass. D.E.P. to provide emergency bulk drinking (potable) water to public water supply systems including schools, nursing homes, restaurants, fairs, and other events.

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